Cortex, a small norwegian cattery

Cortex Aphrodite

Aphrodithe is a medium sized female from our own cattery. She's a exciting cat with a great pedigree and an appearance that we really love.

She is daugther of SE* Idra Lynx Cream and CH (N) Stuetigerens Varg.

We're planning to mate Aphrodite durning 2015.

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Stuetigerens Willow

Willow is a big and kind female. She's very talkactive and loves everybody.
She comes from Rikke Jensen, Stuetigerens, in Bergen, Norway.

She is the mother of our B-litter.

Willow is neutured.

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Cortex is a small homebased cattery in Asker in Akershus, Norway. The cattery is and will always be small with cats living with us like pets. We plan a maximum of 1-2 litters pr year, and each breeding cat will only be bred a few times. Our goal is to breed good typed Maine Coons with low inbreeding. You can read more abour this in the "About Us"-section in the menu.

Our prefix is registered in TICA

I hope you will enjoy my website and feel free to contact us.

Sunniva Bahlk
Reistadlia 1
1394 Nesbru